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Actual Results from Some of Our Current Law Firm Partners

Criminal Defense Law Firm in Miami

Increased revenue from $63,000 per month to $104,000 per month from SEM and online marketing campaigns.

DUI Law Firm in Chicago

Generated an average of 184 DUI leads a month from PPC & display campaigns

Bankruptcy Law Firm in Phoenix

Lowered cost-per-acquisition by 53% ($1,158 to $553) solely from lead generation and online marketing.

Felony Defense Law Firm in San Diego

Increased monthly revenue by 44% as a direct result of SEM and online marketing campaigns.

Debt Management Law Firm in Los Angeles

Lowered cost-per-lead from $10.36 to $8.40 per lead and increased conversion by 48%.

Personal Injury Law Firm in Denver

270 leads per month through SEM and lead generation.

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